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There is a growing concern about problematic dog behaviors and a constant rise of incidents of moderate to severe acts of aggression. More and more owners are desperate for help and are seeking hope for their problematic dogs. Euthanasia is NEVER the answer. What is necessary is to get your dog’s behavior evaluated by an expert canine behaviorist who understands the issues that your dog is demonstrating and
 a master trainer who can implement the appropriate steps necessary to address and resolve these issues.

Dealing with a problematic dog can be overwhelming if you do 
not seek out the necessary and appropriate help. 
I can teach you how to  keep your dog.

It is your responsibility and obligation to follow through to help your dog. He depends on you. At times, her life depends on it!

The root of the problem may have originated from the initial selection of your dog. One important thing you should have initially considered is the type of breed you incorporated into your life and household. Many times owners choose a dog that is very different from their lifestyle, and who possess conflicting energy levels. Often times it creates a situation where some owners no longer want to tolerate the behaviors the dogs display over time. It becomes a battle of the wills, and if the owner is half hearted to begin with, in most circumstances, the “problem” conveniently becomes the “reason” to get rid of the dog.

I have broken down the categories of dog types and their characteristics and what type of owner and household they require in  my book Jeff’s Book Guide to Owning Pure Breed Dogs.  It is a great reference tool when beginning the search of a breed that you have in mind and will give you the insight and fore knowledge with what is necessary to maintain and live successfully with each specific breed.

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