Please click the “We’ve Been Nominated” banner above to vote today and every day from October 1st till December 15th.  Please help a Rescued Pit Bull become Bethpage’s Best of Long Island Mascot 2019!

  •  Click on Titus and Hailey’s picture above to get your very own 2019 Titus and Hailey calendar!  All proceeds benefiting Safe and Sound Sanctuary

  • RESCUE…..If you see a helpless animal, even if you can not help yourself, call someone that can!
  • VOLUNTEER…..Rescues and shelters are always looking for volunteers to walk and socialize their animals. Contact your local Shelter or Rescue and see how you can help.
  • FOSTER……Most rescues do not have a place to house the animals they save and rely on fosters.  Fostering can be such a rewarding experience and you will make room for one more to be rescued.
  • DONATE……Most Rescue Organizations are non-profit and rely soley on donations in order to get vet care and take care of their animals up for adoption.  Please, even if you can only spare $1, it will go a long way.

Below are some of the rescues that we highly recommend helping.  They are all non-profit and could always use some help, even if it is just $1!  Thank you for taking the time to visit their pages!

Click on the pictures for the websites and the links for their FB pages!


reggie      1962800_648030575252081_1379534917_n       40a21d_4187155f4eff464aa1ff736e72b78110

Reggie’s FB Page                   Gremlin’s FB Page                      Mac’s FB Page



Safe and Sound’s FB Page




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