Holiday Drive 2022

I know that this year has been tough on everyone and we are not expecting to do half as well as we have in the years past but we can not forget about all the furbabies spending the holidays in the shelter without a family of there own.  If you can help us it would be so appreciated but please do not feel bad if you can not!

This year we are collecting for Safe and Sound Sanctuary and Babylon Animal Shelter.

Last year we were able to collect about $7000 for our shelter and sanctuary.  Let’s see if we can do better this year.  Below are the Amazon Wish List links for Babylon Animal Shelter and Safe and Sound Sanctuary.  Items purchased from either list will be shipped to us and we will distribute them just before the holidays.

Wish List for Safe and Sound Sanctuary

Wish list for Babylon Animal Shelter

Wish list 2021 Babylon Animal Shelter (most important items)

Pictures from past years

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