Monster Holiday Drive 2018


Every year we participate in I’m Not a Monster’s  Monster Elf Drive.  We along with 35 other Elfs collect donations during the next few months for our local shelters.  This year we are collecting for Safe and Sound Sanctuary and Babylon Animal Shelter.

Last year we were able to collect over $10,000 for our shelter and sanctuary.  Let’s see if we can do better this year.  Below are the Amazon Wish List links for Babylon Animal Shelter and Safe and Sound Sanctuary.  Items purchased from either list will be shipped to us and we will distribute them just before the holidays.

Wish List for Safe and Sound Sanctuary

Wish list for Babylon Animal Shelter

Happy Tail Pet Supply is one of the Monster Holiday Drive sponsors this year.  They will be donating back 20% of your total purchase to the rescue of our choice, Safe and Sound Sanctuary.  Happy Tail Pet Supply donates all profits to rescue!  How could you not want to shop here!  If you click on the Happy Tail picture above it will take you directly to their website with our code, “ELFTITUS” already generated at checkout and 20% will be donated to our rescue of choice.  They also have 2-3 day free shipping with orders over $49!

2016 Donations for Babylon Animal Shelter

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We will update the event daily with the most needed items on the wish lists.

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