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OUR 2018 CALENDARS ARE AVAILABLE.  GET YOURS BY CLICKING ON TITUS’ END BSL PICTURE BELOW!  All proceeds will benefit  http://www.safeandsoundsanctuary.org/

pawprintsAbout Titus and Hailey
I, Titus was rescued from the NYC kill shelter.  I was found on the streets of the Bronx with mange and a broken femur in my back leg, guess that made me easy to catch.  Well I sat in the shelter watching people just walk right by me.  Who really wanted a mangy lil fugly pup?  My time was almost up before someone noticed my inner beauty and rescued me.  I had my leg fixed and began treatment for my mange and then sat in boarding until Mommy offered to foster me.  Her hope was to make me perfect and to find me the perfect home.  Well, after 2 months with no applications Mommy decided that I was already home.  I already had a taste of puppy paradise, found the love of my life and proved that I would fit in perfectly.   The rest is written all over the internet……..Facebook, twitter, instagram!  BOL

Hailey is a rescue from Virginia.  Odessa Rescue pulled her mother and siblings from the shelter and found a foster home.  Mommy found her posted on petfinder and took a ride to Virginia to pick her up.  They had never had a pittie and could not understand the problems people have with our breed.  After adopting Hailey, they knew for sure that people just believe what they hear and have never actually met a pit bull.  Thank you Hailey for being you!

We have started a rescue foundation, Peace Love -n- Rescue Angels with our Aunt Marie, Angel Ru, Oliver n Sienna so we can help as many animals as we can!  We know what shelter life is like an do not wish for any animal to have to see the inside of one but we want to be here to help them as much as we can.  We are Rescue Ambassadogs and will continue to do as much as we can for the homeless furbabies.  We also are helping Mommy with her new, fun, stay at home job…….baking healthy treats for us furbabies.  We are the official taste testers and will personally guarantee that all of our treats are made with all natural ingredients and love!

pawprintsMy Favorite Quotes

  Amemba, have some fun!

Adopt, Don’t shop

Live, Laugh, Love

The more one judges, the less one loves!


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